2ndNature Upcycling March 27, 2023 20:55

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Discover the second life of sneaker uppers with 2ndNature’s innovative approach to upcycling.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the uppers of the sneakers after their soles become donors for vintage Jordan 1s? 2ndNature is a post-sole swap movement that draws inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of Mottanai, which emphasizes the important of minimizing waste.

With a mission to reduce waste and promote sustainability, 2ndNature creatively upcycles sneaker uppers into functional and stylish plant pots.

These ‘sneaker pots’ are not only practical and visually appealing, but they also offer a unique and sustainable home decor option for plant enthusiasts everywhere. Join the movement and give your old sneakers a new purpose with 2ndNature.

Pile of Vintage Air Jordan 1s waiting for sole swap

Removing hydrolysed sole from vintage 1985 Jordan 1s

Sole swap in progress for the vintage AJ1s with a brand new sole



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The brand new uppers that comes with the sneakers, we upcycle them into plant pots and lamps. More items to come, stay tuned !