Corporate & Private Workshops (Team-bonding) : 

Workshop sessions can also be arranged & customised for private group/corporate/group team bonding sessions (min 4 pax to start a class).

We can cater bigger classes to 80 pax as well 

For enquiries & workshop pricings, please kindly email or contact us

Ongoing leather craft sessions:

Combined Leather crafting + Patina-dye workshop lesson with Saphir Singapore at Straits Establishment

Sign up & more details at :

* * * * * 

Our workshop introduces students with basic construction methods to create your own leather products

You will also learn how to cut & construct from a template. 
Lastly, you will get to deboss your names/initials & take home the final product.
No prior experience is needed for this workshop. All leather tools & leather will be provided.
Lesson includes: 
- Pattern cutting techniques for small leather goods
- Basic stitching & construction methods
- Introduction & learning to work with leather tools
- Edge finishing & burnishing techniques
- Optional: Patina hand-dye & dye sealing/finishing techniques (Co-conducted with the dye expertise of Saphir SG/Straits Establishment Team)
- Leather care tips

* * * * * 

Photographs from our past sessions:




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