SECONDNATVRE is a leather design & production studio currently based in Singapore. The brand was born out of the pursuit of creating timeless, functional and environmentally sustainable leather products. The ‘V’ in the brand name signifies a Latin quote 'Vita brevis, ars longa'. Translated as 'Life is short, art is long'. To us it describes our pursuit to create our best works in this timespan that we have.  

The leathers are sourced from renowned tanneries such as: Japanese Tochigi (For full grain & aniline leathers), Shinki Hikaku (Shell cordovans), & Italian tanneries which are part of the Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale Association (Natural veg-tan leathers). Hardwares & zippers are also sourced overseas (mainly in Japan) for their metalsmith work & vintage mil-spec zipper reproductions. 

Every product is designed and handcrafted by Tze Ling, in Singapore. Carefully crafted and hand stitched with detail, this ensures that the product ages well and the construction is built to last. Deeply inspired by traditional crafts around the world, we source and carefully procure materials to be infused with our designs. We take in custom requests which are line with our brand aesthetics as well. 

second natvre second nature secondnatvre secondnature

Our logo is inspired from a vintage wabash fabric print, and represents the four stages of competence. The psychological state involved in the process of progressing from incompetence to competence in a skill. Mastering a skill till it becomes a part of you, becoming second nature. Fully representing our philosophy in continuous learning and approach to mastering craft.

Made with soul. Crafted to last. We hope you love the products that we love to create. 

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