2ndNature Upcycling March 27, 2023 20:55

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Discover the second life of sneaker uppers with 2ndNature’s innovative approach to upcycling.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the uppers of the sneakers after their soles become donors for vintage Jordan 1s? 2ndNature is a post-sole swap movement that draws inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of Mottanai, which emphasizes the important of minimizing waste.

With a mission to reduce waste and promote sustainability, 2ndNature creatively upcycles sneaker uppers into functional and stylish plant pots.

These ‘sneaker pots’ are not only practical and visually appealing, but they also offer a unique and sustainable home decor option for plant enthusiasts everywhere. Join the movement and give your old sneakers a new purpose with 2ndNature.

Pile of Vintage Air Jordan 1s waiting for sole swap

Removing hydrolysed sole from vintage 1985 Jordan 1s

Sole swap in progress for the vintage AJ1s with a brand new sole



 upcycle sneaker nike air jordan

The brand new uppers that comes with the sneakers, we upcycle them into plant pots and lamps. More items to come, stay tuned ! 


The Story behind Charlie 101 Cargo Tote bag August 10, 2017 18:43

As makers, we tend to have the habit of buying stuff before knowing what to do with it.
I walk into a studio everyday filled with stuff like that. 

I guess its better to be surrounded by stuff that we love and have it ready to use rather than to be in a situation where you have a missing component and have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. 
Over the years it has sorta become an obsession , across the end of the room to my right lies a WW2 medical chest with many drawers that was once meant to store medication and supplies. Now you can find stuff like dead stock military buttons dated as far back as the 1940s, White heart glass beads, deer laces, concho's from Albuquerque new mexico, brass
stencils in different sizes etc etc....

My production table which happens to be an old door sitting on cast iron sewing machine legs is covered with a 1970s US Army pup tent in the most beautiful shade of Olive Drab. 
All these stuff belongs to Mark aka Mr Sbtg and they are all sourced from all over the world through travels or the internet. 

Just this January, we went on a studio trip to Japan were I was assigned to show The Sabotage's (Mr & Mrs) and his brother Melvin around Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. It was cold and the brothers both bought variations of the MA-1 Bomber Jackets. 

A full leather tote caught Mark's eye and he was ready to get it except for the fact that it was too petite for his liking. There was this 'Mil spec' quality of the leather that he was attracted to. 
During the rest of the trip , we spoke about his fantasy bags which had to be built using the right materials and hardware. 

He would romanticise about a 'militarised' version of the Birkin Bag that was inspired by a vintage postal tote and a full leather tote that was bigger and had a full leopard lining.

 SBTG Customised Birkin in 2012
The trip was always meant to have a sourcing agenda to it and now it had more purpose. We realised all we are lacking was that type of leather and a visit to the tannery in Osaka was due. 
While enquiring for the source of the exact leather, the sales associate brought out a leather horse stuffed toy I remember seeing in the store displayed next to the bag Mark tried.



It almost felt like I was meant to find this material.  Due to it’s rarity, I’d have to place an order a month in advance. Luckily, there was one piece which was available for sale. Immediately bought the hide on the spot. 
The characteristics of this Japanese Horse hide fit the criteria of Mark's vision, the Black surface has a slight shine and texture to it and the best part of it was its coffee brown underside and edges, which serves as a great transition between the black leather and the olive textile. 
When we came back with that roll of leather, its like the stars aligned and thats how the Charlie 101 was built. 
Not only that, we also built the Delta 138 Tote and expanded the range with other goods bearing the same aesthetics. 
We are very proud to showcase a bag that we have been working on for the past few months. Being extremely selective with the materials we use and finally arriving at what we think is the ultimate combination of vintage ingredients to make this dish. 
Adapted from a vintage postal and Birkin bag, the Charlie 101 is a SBTG militarised version. 
Made by Hand by Secondnatvre. 
Production takes 3-4 weeks upon payment 

- 1970s US Army tent 
- 1940s WW2 13 star buttons 
- Japanese Horse Hide 
- Waldes Military Zipper from Japan 
- Tiger camo twill lining 
- 47 Width x 34 Height x 20 Depth (cm) 
*requests for other sizes welcomed.

Adapted from vintage bag designs, Delta Tote bag is a fully handmade piece crafted from durable & lightweight Japanese horsehide leather. The tote bag features a large main compartment lined with faux leopard , and brass star accents on the front panels. 
Made by Hand by Secondnatvre
Production takes 3-4 weeks upon payment
- Solid Brass star & dome embellishments  
- Custom hardware and copper rivets are set by hand 
- Imported Japanese Horse Hide 
- Waldes Military Zipper from Japan 
- Leopard faux fur lining, with 2 interior pockets (1 Open, 1 Zipped)

- Leather handle with 33cm drop, with internal snap button closure
- 56 Width x 37 Height x 12 Depth (cm) 
*requests for other sizes welcomed.

Adopted from vintage bag designs, Beta Tote bag is crafted from durable & waterproof 1970s US Army pup tent, and lightweight Japanese horsehide leather. The tote bag features a large main compartment lined with tiger camo twill lining, and snap button closure. Finished with hand-dyed Tochigi Leather belt handles. 
Made by Hand by Secondnatvre
Production takes 2 weeks upon payment 

- 1970s US Army Tent 
- Tochigi leather handle with copper rivets set by hand 
- Imported Japanese Horse Hide 
- Waldes Military Zipper from Japan 
- Tiger Camo Twill lining, with 2 interior pockets (1 Open, 1 Zipped) 
- Leather handle with 15cm drop, with internal snap button closure 
-  Adjustable stenciled shoulder strap 
- 43 Width x 38 Height X 3 Depth (cm)

*requests for other sizes welcomed.

'Delta 138' Passport Jacket & Zip Wallet (Leopard/Tiger Camo)
Hand cut and stitched by Secondnatvre for SBTG.
Leather accessories handcrafted from premium horsehide leather from Japan

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