Upcycled Sneaker Holders



We frequently have leftover unworn donor uppers when we replace the soles of worn-out AJ1 sneakers. By upcycling it with a round leather base, we are giving it a new purpose and extending its lifespan.

Keep your pens and beer organized in style with this one-of-a-kind holder, upcycled from a recycled Jordan 1 Mid sneaker. Each holder is handcrafted from a repurposed Jordan 1 Mid, making each one unique. Perfect for any desk or office space.


1) Black & White (Red Wing Logo)

2) White, Black & Red 

3) Black & Blue

4) Black & Orange


  • Material: Upcycled sneaker
  • Dimensions: 10cm width, 10cm length, 13-14cm height variation

* This product is made entirely from recycled unworn sneakers and is not associated with any sneaker brand in any way*

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