Leather Crafting & Patina Workshop March 30th or 31st (Boutique Fairs)


Date: 30th March or 31st March
Venue: Boutique Fairs Level 3.02 Social Communal Workshop Space
F1 Pit Building
Slots: 3:00-5:00pm

* * * * * 

This workshop aims to equip you with a principal understanding of leather crafting. Together with Second Natvre, you will learn how to make your own products. Choose from:

  1. A pair of Bracelet with snap buttons
  2. Zulu Watch Strap
  3. Standard Watch Strap
  4. Iphone 7/7+ 8/8+ / X Cover
  5. Waist Belt
  6. Leather Card Holder
  7. Valet Tray
  8. Passport Holder
  9. ID Cardholder Lanyard

You will also learn how to dye, seal and finish the item using Saphir's products. Lastly, you will get to deboss your names/initials on the final product.

No prior experience is needed for this workshop.  All supplies will be provided.

* * * * * 

Watch Strap details:

20mm Zulu watch strap with brushed nickel hardware in Italian veg tan. Leather thickness 1.5mm. 

Waist Belt details:

35mm Italian veg tan full grain belt with Stainless Steel buckle 

For other sizing or hardware colour request kindly make payment & email info@secondnatvre.com early for us to prepare the templates & hardwares accordingly.  

* * * * *


Terms & Condition

  1. Workshop supplies (cleaners, creams, waxes, brushes. cloths) will be provided
  2. Each session is limited to 8 participants
  3. Workshop will start promptly on time
  4. We will not entertain no-shows  

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