Leather Crafting & Patina Workshop 28th November (Straits Establishment)


Date: 28th November
Venue: Straits Establishment, 29 Arab Street, #02-01, S199728
Slots: 1-4:30pm

* * * * * 

This workshop aims to equip you with a principal understanding of leather crafting. Together with Second Natvre, you will learn how to make your own products. Choose from:

  1. A pair of Bracelet with snap buttons - 40sgd
  2. Triangle Coin Pouch - 40sgd
  3. Valet Tray (17cm x 17cm) - 50sgd
  4. Zulu Watch Strap - 90sgd
  5. Standard Watch Strap - 90sgd
  6. Waist Belt - 120sgd 
  7. ID Cardholder Lanyard - 120sgd
  8. Leather Card Holder - 150sgd
  9. Passport Holder - 150sgd

You will also learn how to dye, seal and finish the item using Saphir's products. Lastly, you will get to deboss your names/initials on the final product.

No prior experience is needed for this workshop.  All supplies will be provided.

* * * * * 

Watch Strap details:

20mm Zulu watch strap with brushed nickel hardware in Italian veg tan. Leather thickness 1.5mm. 

Waist Belt details:

35mm Italian veg tan full grain belt with Stainless Steel buckle 

For other sizing or hardware colour request kindly make payment & email info@secondnatvre.com early for us to prepare the templates & hardwares accordingly.  

* * * * *


Terms & Condition

  1. Workshop supplies (cleaners, creams, waxes, brushes. cloths) will be provided
  2. Each session is limited to 5 participants
  3. Workshop will start promptly on time
  4. We will not entertain no-shows  

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